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20 Best Places to Visit in February in India 2023

February is a great time to travel. A changeover occurs at this time of year, from a harsh winter to a reviving and vibrant spring. This makes travelling during this month even more enjoyable. Since nature is in early bloom, you can witness so many natural marvels, great weather and a picturesque environment this time of the year.

India hosts a wide variety of cultural events and festivals around this time. Also, when it comes to romantic getaways, February is an ideal month because of Valentine’s Day.

Fortunately, there is an endless list of the best places to visit in February in India. There is Gulmarg, where you can soar in the mountain ranges. There is Alleppey, where you can boat in the backwaters, or you can always drink wine in Sula vineyards. And for the religious minds, there’s Varanasi. These are some examples of the destinations that are an ideal February visit.

Let us briefly go through the list of best places to visit in February in India. Choose from our selection to make the most of this momentous month. Let’s get to our list right away!


Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Agra is one of India’s top places to visit in February, and it’s easy to see why. This one continues to be a mainstay for most tourist itineraries that take in the finest of India. But there is another reason it is included on the list for February. The fascinating Taj Mahotsav is held in the city every February. Art, handicrafts, food, music and dancing are displayed at the Taj Mahal’s eastern entrance during Taj Mahotsav.

It’s also a great time to see the city’s historical sites. Suppose you are a fan of a harmonious combination of cultures, history, and people. In that case, you’ll want to visit Agra in February.

Agra-one of the best place to visit in february

Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)

Khajuraho is one of the best hot places to visit in February. This region of India is stunning during the winter months. It’s a great time of year to spend time at historic sites, animal sanctuaries, and other natural wonders of nature.

Visit the Khajuraho Dance Festival while you’re there in February. Try to take in the awe-inspiring architecture and intricate details of the ancient temples in the region. This event highlights Indian classical dancing against the Khajuraho Temples. They take place mostly in front of the Chitragupta and the Vishwanatha temples. It is a vibrant occasion and the highlight of February.

Khajuraho temple-places to visit in February

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Varanasi, also referred to as Kashi or Benaras, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. This ancient city is tucked away on the Ganges River’s western bank. According to Hindu tradition, a death in Varanasi brings moksha, or release from the cycle of life and death.

It feels like a maze of winding alleyways known as galis. Get ready to cross some sacred cows while on foot! Varanasi is surrounded by temples on practically every corner. But the Kashi Vishwanath Temple is the most well-known and the most historic. There is a right reason why Benaras is referred to as the city of Lord Shiva.

The ghats, which line the Ganges, are the city’s spiritual centre. There are roughly 80 ghats in all. Get ready for a sensory overload! Don’t forget to try the spicy chaat and refreshing lassi. All bustle and commotion on the ghats stop before sundown once the Ganga Aarti begins. This one is also among the best hot places to visit in February.

Varanasi - plan your next religious trip in february

Puri (Odisha)

Odisha is the ultimate February getaway. Take the beautiful Bay of Bengal shoreline and experience the calming temple atmosphere to make your visit memorable. There is also the majestic Konark Sun Temple, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Indian Surf Festival, put on by Surfing Yogis, is another event you may take in. It’s an environmentally friendly festival that offers a shared platform for people. They can take part in activities like music, dancing, visual art, and photography.

The festival’s primary attractions are the India SUP Cup and the Surf Expressions Championship. The SUP Cup is India’s greatest Stand-Up Paddle tournament. Racers from different countries compete over a challenging river course in this competition.

Puri - one of the dham to visit in february

Kalimpong (West Bengal)

Kalimpong is among the most beautiful destinations in India. It is enveloped by tall mountains, lush greenery, and crystal clear waters. If you enjoy outdoor activities, good cuisine, or the outdoors, this is the place for you.

Kalimpong’s fantastic February weather will make your trip all the more enjoyable. Kalimpong has a variety of attractions. They include Zong Dog Palri Fo Brand Gompa, Cactus Nursery, Deolo Hill, and the ghostly Morgan House.

Kalimpong - A places in west bengal to visit in february
north india

Gulmarg (Jammu and Kashmir)

Gulmarg, sometimes referred to as the “meadow of flowers,” is in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district. Gulmarg’s borders have snow-covered peaks, green pastures, gorges, evergreen wooded hills and valleys.

The Himalayan area is home to the world’s longest cable car trip project. February is the ideal month for snowfall enthusiasts and mountain runners to experience the thrill of snowboarding or skiing.

You can also indulge in an exhilarating Gondola trip up a mountain. You’ll get to gaze out over the snow-covered landscape. Gulmarg in February is the finest. You will find the town covered in snow, making it ideal for a romantic vacation.

Gulmarg - coldest place to visit in february

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

February is the perfect time to visit Jaisalmer with friends or family. Because Rajasthan in the winter is a unique experience that you should miss. The majestic hill fort of Jaisal, located in the city of golden dunes, has preserved the city’s regal heritage. The Gair and fire dance in the middle of the desert will blow you away.

A must-do in Jaisalmer is the Desert Safari. Jaisalmer Desert Festival, another one of the most renowned events in this city’s calendar, takes place during this time. The confluence of performance, dress, and music is lavishly shown at several festivals and dance exhibitions.

february is the best time to visit jaisalmer

Ranthambore (Rajasthan)

Ranthambore, notable for its national park, is among the largest in the nation’s north. Ranthambore is a popular destination for wildlife photographers and outdoorsy people. Ranthambore provides visitors with the opportunity to view animals from a very close range. It also gives visitors the ability to understand the ingenious ways in which nature operates.

You may do things like go shopping at Dastkar Ranthambore or have good times at Wild Dragon Adventure Park. You can also engage in bird watching, take a hot air balloon ride, or embark on a jungle safari excursion.

Ranthambore-enjoy your safari experience in february

Bir Billing (Himachal Pradesh)

Bir is perfect for paragliding in India. Bir, the biennial World Paragliding Championships site, provides a gorgeous Himachal landscape. The gliders enjoy this place since they can take off and land safely here. In addition, hiking is a popular pastime in the area’s hills.

The area’s many Buddhist temples are a tranquil haven for meditation and spiritual growth. Visitors to Deer Park and Bir Tea Factory may take a break from the stresses of daily life. The weather in February is ideal, and the chilly winds keep the crowds away.

Bir Billing-enjoy paragliding in february

Kaziranga National Park (Assam)

Kaziranga, located in Assam, is a biodiversity focal point in the Eastern Himalayas. Kaziranga is among the best places to visit in February in India since it isn’t too chilly and seldom rains. This park is also home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros species. It is also declared a UNESCO Heritage site.

There are a wide variety of animals here. You can observe them as they traverse the dry yet still-standing grasslands. You can also see indigenous birds flying with the migrating ones and the baby species frolicking around their parents.

Kaziranga National Park-biodiversity place to visit in february


Sikkim is India’s smallest state. This Himalayan state is even more picturesque because of the dramatic landscape gradation. There are vibrant meadows, dense forests, a few lonely places and snow-capped mountains. Sikkim is also a land of hospitable people, breathtaking hikes, winter activities, and stunning scenery. You will fall in love with this place immediately!

Nearly everywhere you look, you can see Kanchenjunga, the state’s crown gem and the world’s third tallest mountain. The state’s cold winters and mild summers draw travelers all year round, though. Numerous temples and monasteries are present nearby. This is because of the harmonious cohabitation of Nepalese, Bhutias, and Lepchas.

Sikkim-must visit place in february

Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

Kodaikanal is a popular honeymoon location in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal boasts an idyllic environment with temperate weather, mist-covered peaks, and a waterfall. Kodaikanal signifies ‘the gift of the forests’ in Tamil.

There is no better way to experience the Palani Hills than atop Kodaikanal. This region is more than 7200 feet above sea level and has undulating hills all around. You can disconnect from city life by riding, trekking, or strolling through the neighbouring woods.

Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a piece of paradise, 1,400 kilometers off the east coast of India. It’s a great location for romantic getaways and honeymoons. A substantial airport and seaport serve the capital city, Port Blair.

Visitors enjoy the Havelock and Neil Islands. There are world-class scuba diving opportunities and pristine beaches covered with white sand. In most cases, the city of Port Blair serves as a hub from which to take boats to other islands. However, visitors often stay for a few days to take advantage of the town and its adjacent beaches.

Thekkady (Kerala)

Thekkady is a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers in India. Periyar National Park is a part of this region. It is India’s largest tiger reserve and is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and families in February. Elephant safaris are the most rewarding experience in this area.

Thekkady has a beautiful lake, spice plantation walks, and Kalaripayattu martial arts centre. This makes it an unforgettable destination. Whether it’s an adventure or just relaxation, Thekkady has something for everyone.

Thekkady-wildlife place to visit in february

Coorg (Karnataka)

Coorg is among the most picturesque hill towns in Karnataka. It is frequently referred to as the Scotland of India. It’s a popular weekend retreat, especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Coorg is one of the greatest destinations to visit in February. This is because of its mild wind and beautiful green terrain. You can also visit coffee and cardamom plantations, flowing waterfalls, and witness plenty of flora and wildlife. Additionally, there are forts, animal sanctuaries, monasteries, and temples in Coorg.

You can make this experience even more memorable by trekking to Tadiandamol Peak. You can camp beneath the night sky and relax at Iruppu Falls. You can also see endangered animals at Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and wander through coffee and spice farms.

Coorg - best hill station to visit in february

Alleppey (Kerala)

Alleppey is one of Kerala’s most beautiful tourist spots. As far as romantic destinations go, this is one of the best. It’s possible to change things up a bit when you visit Alleppey in February when the Chettikulangara Bharani Temple Festival is taking place. It’s a colourful procession of beautifully painted structures that’s a sight to behold. This festival is an event that would make your Kerala vacation unforgettable.

Alleppey has its stunning backwaters, beaches and historical boat races. The Ayurvedic spas and wellness centres found here are world-renowned. The ideal time to visit and experience Alleppey is from October to February.

Alleppey-tourist place to visit in kerala in february


Goa is one of the best spots to explore in February. This is a place you’ll never grow tired of. Goa is at its busiest between November and January, but the crowds begin to dissipate around February. However, at this point of the year, Goa is just as wonderful. Goa Goan Carnival turns the state into a vibrant spectacle in February.

Goan attractions include:

  • Exploring Margao and Vasco Da Gama.
  • Beach camping.
  • Taking in the varied foliage and wildlife of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

You can also visit the Naval Aviation Museum and take in the dolphin drive.

Goa-enjoy goan carnival in february

Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)

Kutch, an ancient princely kingdom of India that mimics a tortoise, retains its historical magnificence. Kutch has one of the country’s lowest densities of habitation. You can also see the border with Pakistan, located on India’s western border.

The immense white salt deserts of Kutch make it one of India’s most picturesque but bizarre destinations. The Rann Festival happens in December and February. This is when the area comes alive. The various activities include extensive camping, cultural events and adventure sports.

Crafts and needlework works, the Flamingo Sanctuary, and the Wild Ass Sanctuary are popular attractions in Kutch.

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra)

Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri is a popular tourist destination. It is in the Sahyadri highlands. The picturesque Sahyadri highlands, where the town was the bastion of the Bijapur monarchs. But subsequently seized by Satara kings and then became a British colony.

Visit Ratnagiri in February for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see endangered Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings make their maiden foray into the ocean. Ratnagiri’s captivating Mangrove forests and valleys will stay with you long after your first visit. February is the most optimum time to visit Ratnagiri since you can relax on the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset. No one can avoid being lost in the serenity of the Sahyadri mountain range, its majestic waterfalls, and diverse flora and wildlife.

The local people organise the unique Konkan Velas Turtle Festival here. And while you’re there, you may stay in a traditional homestay and get a taste of country life in India.

Daman and Diu

If you desire sun, sand, and beach, take off for Diu in February. Diu’s year-round pleasant weather makes it a great place to visit in February for a relaxing vacation. You won’t have a dull day here thanks to the Arabian Sea and various water activities. Festa De Diu, the largest beach celebration in India, is held annually in Diu.

There are concerts, funfairs, and live bands every weekend from December through February during the festival. All things considered, a fantastic experience that one is quite unlikely to have anyplace else in the nation.

Daman and Diu - visit in february


With this, we end our list of the top 20 places to visit in February in India. Any destinations on this list will surely provide you with an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of these beautiful places by planning, participating in fun-filled activities, and soaking up the ambience. Have a great time!

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Saswata Subhadarsini

A voracious reader and enthusiastic writer, I have a knack for concocting a plethora of creative write-ups. I'm a trend-savvy researcher, always on the hunt for inspiration to create unique and captivating content. I fancy myself a genre chameleon, flitting from intellectually stimulating pieces to captivating works of fiction. Whenever not weaving my thoughts into words, I indulge in my love of painting, cooking, dancing and some good old Netflix binge!

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