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How to reduce Face Fat? Most Effective Natural and Yoga Tips

What do we hate most? Well if you ask me, honestly, I hate to look fat and puffed up. Unnecessary body fat is something that ruins the shape of your body which is not desired at all. And on top of that especially if that fat is precipitated on your face, nothing worse than that.

It is very important to have your face well proportionate with the rest of your body and vice versa. You should specially focus on your face so that it does not store much fat. Now I am going to talk about several methods which can help you to reduce fat from your face.

How to reduce face fat through home made tricks

Let us talk about the home remedies first to get away with the fats that have been precipitated on your face for a very long time. These home remedies can bring wonder to your face as well as skin. These not just help to remove the fats from your face but also make your skin catch a natural glow. Also, home remedies are much easier to access as they are almost everyday use for domestic purposes. On top of that they show no sign of side effects.

Following are some effective home remedies to melt away face fat:

Get rid of the fat with green tea

Green tea is one of the most effective home tips to reduce undesired fat from your face. The presence of ample antioxidants in green tea boosts the metabolism process in our system which in turn help to get away with the toxins present in your blood level. As a result, blood starts to have a more free and smooth flow to your face and other body parts.

You can even drink 3-4 cups of green tea on a daily basis as it contains very little amount of caffeine and also this caffeine quantity does not last in the human body. Besides, this helps to reduce the water retention from your body. So, it is a great ingredient to reduce face fat.

Say bye to fat in a milky way

Milk is another easily available element which is almost present in every domestic household. Milk is rich with numerous essential nutrients which functions to tighten your skin, thus by removing fat from your face. You can take some raw milk. Pick a piece of cotton, dip it into the milk and then rub your face with it in a circular fashion. It helps you to remove the problem of double chin.  

Lemon can be helpful

Lemon has a very special quality of burning and melting body fat as well as fat on your face. In addition it also helps to bring down inflammation from your body. If you take a half of a medium sized lemon and squeeze it in a lukewarm water to drink it, this process would stimulate your metabolism process in your system. This in turn will reduce your body fat. Besides, if you add an extra spoon of honey to the hot lemon water and drink it, you would get a more effective result.

Say aye to egg white

Egg is one ingredient which is packed with a lot of useful components which are beneficial for our body. One of the components is Vitamin A which particularly caters to our skin problems. It works as a retainer of our texture and elasticity.

Take two eggs and separate the white portion of it from the yolk. Next mix the two egg whites with one spoonful of honey, milk and also you can add lemon squash. Blend all these elements uniformly and put the mask on your face for half an hour. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. To get away with your face as quickly as possible perform this process at least twice a week.

Almond can do wonder

Almond is one another very effective means to get rid of face fat as well as body fat. It is replete with omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamin E and B6. These elements perform a very useful function as they tone-up and nourish the skin thoroughly. The presence of Vitamin E helps the skin to hold back its elasticity.

On the other hand, unsaturated fatty acids remove the harmful fatty acids and instead take their place. This turns your skin into a naturally younger looking one. You can either eat almonds or put almond oil on your face. Both of these will bring out the desired result.

It is all about dark chocolate days

Well you might be a bit taken aback to hear about dark chocolate reducing body fat. But yes, you heard it right! Dark chocolate is your absolute friend when it comes to melting fat unlike milk chocolate which works in an opposite direction.

Dark chocolate is packed with several antioxidants as well as a stimulant which initiates the burning process of fats in the human body. But you should choose a dark chocolate with more than 75 percent cocoa to get a fair result.

How to reduce face fat naturally

You might also take help from some natural processes to control facial fat. Being a woman, it is completely understandable how we hate when our face retains unnecessary fats. Well here are some other solutions to the problem:

Healthy meal and exercise are your ways to go

Nothing like eating healthy along with indulging yourself in some exercise. These are the undoubtedly most effective ways to maintain a healthy system. Besides, if you eat good food and do regular work-out, you will also experience long term benefits which include controlling the ageing process, cardiovascular health, muscle strength and many more.

On top of this, if you can take a balanced diet which consists of vegetables, pulses, legumes, fruits, nuts, leaves as well as animal proteins, it will bring out the best result. It is wise to avoid sugar and salt as it retains the fat in your body, especially your face. Work out at least thrice a week.

Stay hydrated with water

Although water storage is highly recommended for an ideal health system. It has several beneficiary qualities such as moisturizing your skin, helping in the smooth run of your various organs and many others.

But in terms of reducing fat, water storage is not such a good idea in the sense that your body might sustain water due to dehydration. But what is worse is that these preserved water gets stored in our face and cheeks. Now, there is only one way to avoid this mess from happening and that is to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated all day. At least drink 2-3 liters of water per day.

Chewing some gum is not a bad idea

Well you might think that chewing gum is a bad idea since it is not a conventional chocolate. But take my advice, it is an amazing exercise which helps to burn your fat preserved on your face and cheeks. Gum chewing also shapes your chin and jawline as it tightens the fat in those areas.

You must sit with your spine straight in a chair with your back leaned. Take a chewing gum and start chewing. For the best outcome you should at least chew a gum for 15-20 times and continue the process thrice a week.

Bloom a balloon

This one is again an effective work-out for reducing cheek fats. This also nurtures your facial muscles. Follow the same method of sitting on a chair with your spine straight. Pick a balloon and blow some air in it. Keep blooming at least for 15-20 seconds until you can feel your cheek muscles tighten. Next release the air from the balloon and repeat this process for 4-5 times.

Some facial exercise is great

A facial exercise might come handy which roots back to yoga. Again, sit straight on a chair and lean back to it and look towards the ceiling. After that throw your tongue out and attempt to reach your nose with it until you feel that your muscles are stretching. Once you are done with that try to reach your chin with the tongue. Give five seconds to each of the processes. To get the most effective result repeat the process for 8-10 times a week.

Another way of reducing face fat is trying to juxtapose your upper lip with your lower lip and then trying to smile without the lips moving apart. This particular process helps to reduce double chin.

How to reduce face fat through yoga techniques

Apart from the methods mentioned earlier, there are multiple processes that may help you to stop your face fat to last for a longer period of time. For example, there are certain physical exercises which might come as an effective help.

Now, let us talk about some hardcore yoga and asans which might come handy in terms of losing face fat. But first and foremost, we have to be honest that none of us, especially women, like to see our face getting chubby and fluffy every day. We just cannot not do anything about this, right? Well, well, well here is some solution to all your nightmares. Following are some yoga tricks to get rid of your long-lasted face as well as body fat:

Simha Mudra or Lion Pose

Benefits: Simha Mudra or the Lion Pose- the name itself implies that you have to mimic a lion in some way or the other. This particular yogasan or yoga trick helps your muscles to tone up. This technique is absolutely the most effective for reducing your face fat. 


a. Bend down on your knees

b. Put your hands on your thighs

c. Drop your jaw down

d. Open your mouth wide open as much as you can

e. Throw your tongue out and try to reach your chin

f. Make a noise from within and try to replicate a lion’s roar

Jivha Bandha (Locked Tongue Pose)

Benefits: This is a very interesting yoga move especially, to reduce face fat. Jivha Bandha or Locked tongue Pose carves and makes your jawline prominent in a way you want. Besides, it also tightens your face muscles.


a. Get into the lotus position

b. Keep your hands on your lap

c. Put your tongue upward so that it touches the upper wall

d. Hold your tongue like that and try to open your mouth as much as you can until the point you feel a stretch in the muscle of your throat and neck

e. Breath normally

Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock)

Benefits: This specific yoga move is especially effective when you are suffering from the problem of double chin. Chin lock is a great measure to remove the second chin from your face.


a. Sit in the lotus position or crossed leg position

b. Take a deep long breath

c. Put your hands on your knees

d. Pull your sternum towards your chin

e. Bend your head in the downward direction a bit

f. Hold on this position for 10-20 seconds

Fish Face

Benefits: This is one of the yoga tricks that tightens as well as chisels your cheek muscles. As a result, your cheeks look less fluffy. 


a. Pull your cheeks as well as lips inwards as if you are replicating a fish face

b. Now without releasing the posture, try to smile as much as you can

c. You will feel a stretch and burn in your cheeks and jawline

d. Release and reiterate the process

Chin Lift

Benefits: Chin lift is again especially effective for reducing the problem of double chin. Also, it helps to stretch your throat and neckline. 


a. Sit on a chair with your head lifted towards the roof

b. Your eyes must follow the same direction

c. Tighten your lips and project them in a fashion that you are pouting

d. Release after 5-10 seconds

e. Repeat this method twice a day

How to reduce face fat in 10 days

Now, if you want to lose fat as quickly as possible, you must embrace some natural habits along with the ones mentioned before. You need to remember one thing that no matter how hard you work hard and try to get thin, it is not going to work unless and until you follow some healthy habits in your life like the following:

Choose the right diet for your body 

Having a healthy meal is absolutely important for a fat free body. An ideal diet is less packed with processed food as well as refined flour such as pasta and white bread. If you are a regular consumer of this kind of meal, a great substitute will be to intake a fresh load of green vegetables and fruits, meals full of fibre and other animal proteins like fish and meat.

Try to avoid meals that have a lot of salt in it such as junk food or street food. The reason behind this suggestion is that salt works as a stimulator for your body to sustain water and as a result your face might get swollen. Same happens with the processed carbohydrates which are full of sugar. If you are a regular consumer of alcohol then it might bloat your face because alcohol dehydrates your body.

Figure out if you are allergic to any specific food element

Food allergies play a major and significant role in the formation of face fat. It is always advisable to visit a doctor if you feel you might have some. Some people are allergic to gluten and should avoid gluten added food. Sometimes gastrointestinal disorders may cause your face to puff up

Sleep is essential to reduce fat 

Getting a full night’s sleep is absolutely mandatory to maintain a healthy system. Many studies prove that lack of sleep instigates fat preservation in our body. A sleepless tired body may get fluffy which eventually can store fat on your face. Your face as a result might look bigger. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary on an everyday basis to have a perfectly healthy system


So, in a nutshell if you are willing to reduce your face fat, you have to follow certain methods both natural and yoga tricks as mentioned earlier. Once you start following these processes you will be able to notice the changes within a few days.

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A voracious reader and enthusiastic writer, I have a knack for concocting a plethora of creative write-ups. I'm a trend-savvy researcher, always on the hunt for inspiration to create unique and captivating content. I fancy myself a genre chameleon, flitting from intellectually stimulating pieces to captivating works of fiction. Whenever not weaving my thoughts into words, I indulge in my love of painting, cooking, dancing and some good old Netflix binge!

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