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15 Best Places to Visit in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu which is at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula. The place is an ancient town which also has richness of both history as well as religious architecture. The reason for being a great tourist spot is having an ideal place for everyone. Whether it is a museum, church, beach or waterfall, Kanyakumari has it all. So, are you excited to visit the place but confused about where to start from? Don’t worry we got you covered on this. Here is a list of 15 best places to visit in Kanyakumari.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Kanyakumari visiting places include Vivekananda rock memorial which was built in respect of Swami Vivekananda. You can find the memorial of Swami Vivek sitting on a rock and meditating. Also the statue has a magical tourist attraction as the place on the island located on the mighty Indian ocean. The memorial opens every day from 7 AM to 5 PM in the evening. Also the memorial has a study hall called Shripada Mandapam where you can easily find books related to the life journey of Vivekanand.

Vivekananda Rock memorial, kanyakumari

Arulmigu Bhagavathy Amman Aalayam

Kanyakumari places to visit include a 3000 years old temple of goddess Kanyakumari Amman. The significance of the temple is its sculptures of Ramayana and Mahbharata. The idol of the goddess has a rosary in her hand with a gold nostril which makes it remarkable to see. The temple and idol is so holy that you will feel revived and peaceful at the place. The place also has a belief that one of the parts of goddess Sati fell in there. It also has a hall named Navarathri Mandapam. The timings for the temple are 6Am-11Am and 4PM-8PM.

Arulmigu Bhagavathy Amman Aalayam, kanyakumari

Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam

You might get an idea what the place is about. The most respected place to visit in Kanyakumari is Gandhi Mandapam. This is the place where ashes of Gandhi ji were kept before immersing into the sea. This memorial was constructed in 1956. The main attractions of the place are a 79 feet high central spire and the ceiling of Mandapam. The ceiling is designed in a way that every year on Gandhi ji’s birthday sun rays reflect on the place where the ashes were kept. The place is open for the public every day from 7AM to 7PM.

Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam, kanyakumari

White Neo-Gothic Catholic Church

The church is also popular by the name Our Lady of Ransom Church. Due to its design of the 15th century with Gothic style of architecture it is also famous as a neo-gothic catholic church. The place is dedicated to Mother Mary. The walls and ceiling of the church have carvings of the life story of Christ and his childhood. Different carvings of wood depicting different incidents of Mother Mary makes this place an attraction for tourists. You will also find statues of St. Francis Xavier and St. Thomas inside the Church. The timings for the Church is 5AM-6.30PM.

White Neo-Gothic Catholic church, kanyakumari

Baywatch Park

Baywatch park is an amusement park with a lot of fun activities. The park has recently become a huge tourist attraction among the places to visit in Kanyakumari. The park has amazing rides for children. You can easily spend about 3 to 4 hours here with your children. The entry fee charges are also very nominal. Taking a day off and spending time with your children will definitely be a good choice you will make.

Baywatch Park, kanyakumari

Sunset Point

Almost every city has some sunset point on its own. But you will never see a sunset point like this in your lifetime. A magnificent sunset with mighty ocean waters. The view is so mesmerizing which will give you goosebumps. Its view makes it a mandatory place to visit in Kanyakumari. If you are a photographer then this place should be on your bucket list. The place is open everyday at every time but the best time to visit the place is 12AM to 11.59. The great attraction is not only the sunset but also the full moon nights.

Sunset Point, kanyakumari

View Tower

The most romantic destination of Kanyakumari is the view tower. You can have an amazing view of sunset and sunrise. A telescope is present on the tower which brings you closer to the panoramic landscape. Also you can have a view of statues of Swami Vivekananda and Thiruvalluvar hailing high. Due to the height of the tower you will experience a soothing breeze and capture the beauty of the ocean and sun rays. The best time to visit the place is 5AM in the morning for sunrise and around 7PM at the time of sunset.

View Tower, kanyakumari

Vattakottai Fort

Constructed at the time of Travancore Dynasty, this monument has significant historical value. The fort is protected and preserved by the Archaeological department of India. The monument covers an area of 3.5 acres of land near the coast of Bay of Bengal. The fort is a must place to visit in Kanyakumari due to its history and scenic area. The place is perfect for pictures and has a beautiful environment which gives you pleasant vibes. The fort is open to the public everyday from 8AM to 5PM

Vattakottai Fort, kanyakumari

Triveni Sangamam

How can you miss this Triveni Sangam if you visit Kanyakumari. This is the meet up point of three water bodies- Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. A beautiful temple is also there representing the sangam of three magical water bodies. Another name for the place is Cape Comorin. This sight is mainly for the pilgrimage but has also become a tourist attraction. You can easily distinguish between the three different water bodies flowing there. Visiting this Triveni Sangam will give you a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Triveni Sangamam, kanyakumari

Mayapuri Wonder Wax

The first ever wax center of India is Wonder wax museum. The museum was open since December 2005 for the public and it is among the best historical places to visit in Kanyakumari. You will find statues of prominent figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa, Amitabh Bhachan, Indira Gandhi, Jackie Chan and many more. The museum has its inspiration from London’s famous Tussauds Wax Museum. Which means you can have an experience of a place in London by visiting Kanyakumari in India. The museum has some fixed entry fees as well as timings of 8AM-6.30PM everyday. 

Mayapuri Wonder Wax, kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Shri Tirupati Temple

Kanyakumari Sri Tirupati Temple is a Hindu temple to visit in Tamil Nadu. People believe that Goddess Kanyakumari is protecting them all the time. One of the incarnations of Goddess Parvati as Devi Kanya performs penance at this place to take the hand of the lord Shiva. The temple is a great tourist attraction because of its history which is about 300 years old.

Kanyakumari Shri Tirupati Temple

Padmanabhapuram Palace

This wooden place is the most amazing architectural masterpiece you will ever see. Tourism places in Kanyakumari will give you the experience of every type of trip. Rvaipillai Perumal constructed this place during his dynasty. Here you will find many wooden carvings from teak and rosewood. The main attraction of the tourist is the Durbar hall that has a black shining floor and artistic carvings on the wall. Also to enter the palace there are some entry fees that need to be given. The timing is 9AM-1PM and 2PM-4.30PM.

Padmanabhapuram Palace, kanyakumari

Suchindram Shree Thanumalayan Swamy

Another name for Thanumalayan temple is Sthanumalayan. The temple is dedicated to three gods of Indian religion that are Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. For the same reason people from all over India come to pray at this temple. The main attraction of the place are the musical pillars which are the portrait of architecture or ancients. The temple has 4 pillars of height 18 feet made out of single stone. The timing for the devotees are 4.30AM-11.30AM and 5PM- 8.30PM.

Suchindram Shree Thanumalayan Swamy, kanyakumari

Mathur Aqueduct

Another name for this Aqueduct is Mathur Hanging bridge. Among the best places to visit in Kanyakumari this bridge holds a place. The bridge is at a height of 115 feet with a length of about 1 km. The bridge is the longest and highest hanging bridge in Asia. The historic background of the bridge is, it was constructed in 1966 by Mr. Thiru. K. Kamaraj the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for scenic views, due to which children’s parks with fun activities also come up. The place is open to the public with some nominal charges. The timing for the public is 7AM- 7PM.

Mathur Aqueduct, kanyakumari

Swamithope Pathi

The place is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Ayya Vaikundar. This is why the Pathi is also famous as Ayya Vaikundar temple. The main tourist attraction of the place is its architecture style and the ideal of Lord Vishnu. The main festival Vaikunda Avataram of people is celebrated in this temple. So if you can grab an opportunity to visit the place during the celebration of the festival in the month of March. The Pathi is a pilgrimage site, it is open at every time of the year.

Swamithope Pathi, kanyakumari


With this we come to the end of our list of exciting places to visit in Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari is not just a meeting point of three different water bodies but an amalgamation of various cultures, religions and ideas. The main attraction of Tamil Nadu, it has all that is perfect for a tour. beaches , temples, waterfall, museums gardens the place is perfect for family, solo and duo trips. We hope that this list has helped you to shortlist your favorite places to visit in Kanyakumari. 

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A versatile writer who thrives on exploring multiple niches in my writing. From thought-provoking articles to engaging fiction, I love to dive into various genres. When I'm not crafting my own words, I find solace in the pages of books, where I discover new worlds and expand my horizons. Writing and reading are my passions, and they fuel my creative journey.

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