10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur, a hill town in Karnataka, is a great destination for those seeking peace because of its location amid the state’s expansive Western Ghats. Rolling waterfalls, mysterious sanctuaries, verdant peaks, and scenic hiking trails. Chikmagalur, in the rolling hills of southern India, has more attractions than you can fit into one vacation. The green hills of Chikmagalur are the best places to visit in Chikmagalur to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.

Here is a complete list of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur, if you’re planning a soon-to-tune trip there. Waterfalls and temples alike are among the many must-see attractions in this area. Many visitors visit Chikmagalur each year to take in the stunning scenery of the area. Examine them and decide which ones to visit on your future trip.

You’ll find Mahatma Gandhi Park, also called Ratnagiri Bore or M G Park, north of Chikmagalur. The park offers various fun activities for visitors of all ages and is one of the best Chikmagalur tourist places. Many people go there for picnics and vacations with their families. Thus it’s a popular destination.

There is a nursery in addition to the neatly tended flower gardens and lawns. There is a rich diversity of flowering plant species there. Visitors can unwind and feel safe in the park’s peaceful setting. Your best bet is to take a taxi, rent a car, or take public transportation to the closest station.

There are a lot of exciting things to do with your kids. Mahatma Gandhi Park is a terrific area to spend time with family, especially if you have children in tow. The park’s primary draws are the toy train, tree house, amphitheater, and outdoor gymnasium.

You can see amazing stairways and charming footbridges into this park’s design, which features abundant vegetation. You definitely have a positive impression with the beauty of the surroundings.

Mahatma Gandhi Park

Mullayanagiri Peak

Mullayanagiri, in the Chandra Drona range, stands at an impressive 1950 meters, making it Karnataka’s tallest mountain. Indulge in exciting pursuits like trekking, camping, and hiking at one of Chikmagalur’s most popular tourist destinations. It is the perfect destination for you and one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur to make your vacation memorable.

Mullayanagiri Peak

Coffee Museum

Chikmagalur is home to a Coffee Museum where you can learn more about the rich history of coffee farming in South India. This museum, which the Coffee Board of India operates, is a must-see for every coffee lover. You can see a variety of coffee in the coffee museum, which makes it one of the best Chikmagalur tourist places.

Coffee Museum Chikmagalur

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Chikmagalur, Karnataka’s Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, is a great destination for those who wish to spend time in the great outdoors. Aside from being home to the world’s densest population of tigers, this sanctuary is also home to some truly incredible plant life. Climbing Kallathigiri Mountain within the park will reward you with breathtaking panoramas and makes it the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls, one of the top sites to visit in Chikmagalur in a day, is located in the gorgeous Kemmanagundi highlands and has a drop of 168 meters. Reaching the falls is no easy feat, but the reward is well worth it once you swim in the clear, cold water. Many biologists and scientists have shown interest in this water because they think it contains medicinal herbs, which makes it the best Chikmagalur visiting places.

Hebbe Waterfalls

Baba Budangiri

This mountain in the Chandra Dhrona Range, named after the Muslim saint Baba Budan, is an essential part of any trip to Chikmagalur. This sacred mountain is a model of religious tolerance because it is home to a shrine revered by people of all faiths. If you’re visiting Chikmagalur, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to climb this peak, which is widely regarded as one of the city’s most popular attractions and is considered one of the best tourist places in Chikmagalur.

Baba Budan giri

Kallathigiri Falls

Even if you’ve seen a lot of waterfalls in your time, none of them compare to Kallathigiri Falls. You will be fascinated by the breathtaking scenery of these plunging waterfalls. It’s as if you’ve stepped into God’s backyard, and such is the place’s magnetic pull. Put this on your list of Chikmagalur attractions to see if you only have three days to explore the city.

Since trekking and hiking are already among the top things to do in Chikmagalur, you may also explore the trekking paths that penetrate the lush jungles around, which makes it the best place to visit in Chikmagalur.

Sri Sitalayyana Giri Temple

Incredibly, you may find the Sitalaytanagiri temple in a valley surrounded by mountains. Only a select few temples can boast such breathtaking vistas. It is most certainly in that group. Sitalayyanagiri is one of the peaks that lie to the south of Mullaianagiri. The gods Mullaiaha and Sitalayya are rumored to be brothers. Sitalayya is typically the first stop, followed by Mullaiaha. However, reversing the process is also possible.

Jatre (God procession) and a pull chariot are annual events at Sitalayyanagiri. In the summer, you can find a little fruit in Mullaianagiri, and Sitalayyanagiri is called Bilvardannu. It is considered one of the best tourist places in Chikmagalur. Area-wise, there is no reason to worry, but you shouldn’t put yourself in harm’s way only to strike a photogenic posture.

Hirekolale Lake

If you’re in Chikmagalur and just want to waste time, the Hirekolale lake is a fantastic place to do so. This lake is one of the best spots to visit in Chikmagalur, where visitors may relax in the tranquility of nature amidst the lake’s turquoise waters surrounded by gorgeous mountains and abundant fauna, which makes it the best place to visit in Chikmagalur.

Hirekolale lake

Kodandarama Temple

If you’re seeking locations to visit in Chikmagalur where you can improve your spirituality, don’t leave without paying a visit to this historic temple. Lord Rama and his brother, Lakshmana’s idols, are revered within the temple that bears their names. The historical-minded also make a point of visiting this destination. Kodandarama Temple is one of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Kodandarama Temple


Chikmagalur remains one of the most popular destinations for vacationers in Southern India. It is near the center of information technology that is Bangalore, and it is also a symbol of joy and splendor. Touring in and around places from Chikmagalur will give you a taste of the city’s many landscapes.

So make sure that the next time you are in South India, you take time to see any of these best places to visit in Chikmagalur.


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