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20 Best Places to Visit in August in India 2023

For those who love to travel, August is the best month for you because it’s neither too hot nor too cold, as August is the prime month of the monsoon season. The rain starts in mid-June and ends in late September which means there can be heavy rainfall across some regions of India during August. But many North Indian parts like Bikaner in Rajasthan, Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir etc. are great places to visit in August in India. 

So, here is a brief list of the best places to visit in August in India. Choose from this list the best place you find and enjoy your monsoon with many magical memories.


Jagdalpur (Chattisgarh)

Jagdalpur is a city in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh in India. Due to its good connectivity with the state capital and other nearby cities recently Jagdalpur has become famous among tourists. The city is also known as a paradise for tourists looking for fun and frolic. And also the Ministry of Tourism of India has recognised some places of Jagdalpur as one circuit in 45 mega tourist destinations in India. 

Being an abode of wildlife, waterfalls, temples, caves etc. the city is one of the best places to visit in August in India. 

Jagdalpur, a place in Chattisgarh to visit in August

Raigarh (Chattisgarh)

The cultural capital of Chhattisgarh is most famous for its Kathak dance performance and classical music. People there credit Maharaja Chakradhar Singh under whose patronage the city flourished as a beautiful centre of art and culture. Also, it is a must-visit place because of its festival celebration of Chakradhar Samaroh in the month of August. The Samaroh is a 10-day event that happens every year as a cultural fest. Some of the major events are dance, music, and sports in which people from all over the nation come to participate.

Raigarh-one of the best place to visit in August

Mandu (Madhya Pradesh)

Mandu also known as Mandavgarh is an ancient city in the region of Madhya Pradesh. The place has ample greenery and a thin forest with best defined Afghan architecture. The most famous attraction part of this city is its heritage and the amazing monuments. This is one of the best places to visit in August in India with your family. You can plan a long trip to enjoy the beautiful heritage, and Afghan architecture of the place with the pleasant weather of August. 

Mandu- A place in Madhya Pradesh to visit in August

Darjeeling (West Bengal)

Set near the foothills of the Himalayas, the most beautiful hill station in the eastern part of India, Darjeeling is situated in the West Bengal region. Accordingly, the station has a mesmerising beauty to watch and makes it a must-see place to visit in August. The warmth of sunrise, the untouched beauty of hills, and also the welcoming smiles of people there add up to a beauty to your monsoon month. The place is famous as a honeymoon destination in India and a great place to visit for nature lovers. 

Darjeeling-place to visit in August

Paradip (Odisha)

Already Odisha is famous for its art, culture, and history but this city in Orissa has added one more significance to visiting this beautiful city. Paradip is one of the best options you can choose to visit in August in India.  The top tourist attraction of the city is the beach which is also a seaport of the country. No one ever misses the sunrise and sunset view if they are in Paradip. Also, the pleasant weather and the cool breeze can take you away to another world and magic to your surroundings. 

Paradip - A place in Odisha
north india

Bikaner (Rajasthan)

One of the best places to visit in August in India in Bikaner. With very little rain the climate in this region of Rajasthan is much more bearable than the hot weather of Rajasthan. Along with this, the area like Junagarh, Lallgarh, Gajner, Jain temple and the famous Karni Mata temple here makes this place a must to visit in August. Comparatively, you will find a definite balance of rain and hot weather of Rajasthan in Bikaner and with a feeling of pleasant surrounding weather. Also don’t forget to go shopping on Bikaner’s famous streets. 

Kinnaur (Himachal Pradesh)

is one of the twelve districts of Himachal Pradesh. The place is located on the Indo-Tibet border. This district is somewhere at a distance of 235 Km from Shimla. The major places of attraction for tourists are Zanskar Valley, the snow-draped Shauldar range, Citkul, and most importantly Satluj, Baspa and Spiti rivers. All these beauties make this district a place for you, the best place to visit in August in India. Also, don’t miss sightseeing in the place. You will find many beautiful spots to stop and spend time with your family, friends or alone. 

Kinnaur - A place in Himachal Pradesh to visit in August

Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

Mount Abu is the only and only hill station in the state of Rajasthan. The place acts as a balance between the very hot climate of Rajasthan to a relaxing hill station. In the month of August, it receives very less rainfall which makes it becomes a perfect place to visit in August in India. Also the beautiful architectural marvel of Jain Temple, a hilly landscape. With mountain mist filled with lush green vegetation and the beauty of a hill station, this place has all you can see.

Mount Abu

Pahalgam (Jammu and Kashmir)

Jammu and Kashmir is the heavenly paradise of India. Pahalgam is one of the parts of this paradise. Every year thousands of tourists add up this place to their list. The best part is you can visit Pahalgam at any time of the year. The place is at the confluence of the streams flowing from the lakes like Sheshang and Lidder. This is one of the prime locations of Kashmir for holiday and health resorts to visit in August in India. You can be away from all the hustle and bustle of your life and be in Pahalgam with a relaxing, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. 

Pahalgam - A place in Jammu and Kashmir to visit in August

Mawlynnong (Meghalaya)

Mawlynnong is not a city, it is a small village situated around the area of Shillong in East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. The village has been declared the cleanest village in Asia by Discovery India. Which makes it a reason to add it to the best places to visit in August in India. After this Declaration the place has become a big tourist spot.

Mawlynnong - A beautiful place in Meghalaya

Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya)

This place is for someone who loves rain. Cherrapunjee is the second wettest place on the planet, it almost receives rain throughout the year. If you are one who loves to watch the rain, this is the best place to visit in August in India. The rain covers the entire part of the place with a lush vast landscape and hills, you can also find orange honey flowers there. Also, the taste of Meghalaya tea with the view of rain and greenery what a combination to add up to your August bucket list. 


Ernakulam (Kerala)

Ernakulam is on the Southwest coast of Kerala. The place is also called “God’s Own country”. The city has a beautiful Arabian Sea with backwater hubs like Kottayam and Alappuzha.  Some people might confuse Ernakulam with Kochi but the place is around seven Kilometers distance from Kochi and can be considered a part of it. If you are lucky you can witness the cultural fiesta of Kerala i.e. Athachamayam Festival. A ten-day-long festival that brings the art and culture of Kerala together usually happens in August. And we know you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity.


Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Though the best time to visit Chennai is during October- February. But the pre-monsoon season is also good to visit Chennai. August is considered the best time to explore the city as summer is scorching with monsoon downpours. Along with this, you can witness Madras Week during this period of time. August 22 is celebrated as Madras Day and the week is considered as madras week. The day is celebrated to commemorate the founding of the city. In order to celebrate it people organize exhibitions, guest lectures, film screenings and quizzes.


Nandi Hills (Karnataka)

The beautiful hill station of Karnataka is the best monsoon gateway to spend your holiday. This hilltop is blessed with ancient forests. Along with picture-perfect scenery, the place is famous for bike riders who want to enjoy a beautiful bike ride with their partners on curvy and thrilling roads. The station is famous for trekking, exploring caves, camping and not to miss paragliding. Also, you don’t want to miss out on the sunset or sunrise from a beautiful hill even after going to a hill station. 

Nandi Hills

Yercaud (Tamil Nadu)

The one thing that makes this place attractive is that you can visit Yercaud at any point of time in the year. Including monsoon season. Thus, this adds up to our list. The place is a perfect escape from the world to a relaxing and reviving holiday with your partner, family or even a solo trip. This hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu is an abode of:- lush greenery, gorgeous hills, wildlife-spotting thick jungles and Yercaud Lake. There is no doubt that you will not regret going to Yercaud in August.


Agumbe (Karnataka)

Do you remember the famous series of Malgudi Days? If yes you can easily identify this place. This beautiful town is situated in the heart of Karnataka and is the best vacation spot to welcome the monsoon and thus making it one of the places to visit in August in India. You can make Agumbe your honeymoon destination as well as a family trip. Some of the main tourist attractions are Barkana Falls, Onake Abbi Falls and some wildlife sanctuaries.


Tarnetar Village (Gujarat)

Tarnetar Village is a tiny village in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. The most interesting reason to add this place among the best places to visit in August in India is the Tarnetar fair.  The fair is a celebration of Gujarat’s ethnic folk, dance, music, costume and art. The fair is a celebration of the legend of Draupadi’s Swayamvara. Also, this fair happens every year in August.

Tarnetar Village

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Mumbai is the place that all of us have in our minds to visit once. But the main reason to add the city to the list of 20 best places to visit in August in India is the festival celebration. In August the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami and dahi handi is organized in Mumbai. The festival is a grand celebration. Along with the rain, beaches, buildings and view of Mumbai the festival add a lot to visit. You will be mesmerized after seeing the beauty of the dahi handi competition and will not regret going to the place in August.  


August is the time of monsoon in Goa. But there are also many places to visit in Goa other than beaches. Besides the usual beaches, water sports and activities there are a few trekking zones in the western ghats and the Karnataka border’s folks are the reason to add Goa to the list of best places to visit in August in India. Most people like to visit Goa in the month of August because of less crowd. Also, you can chill, relax and enjoy your me-time in places with beaches and rain. 

Apart from these if you are visiting Goa in the month of August you might witness the beautiful festival of flags called the Bonderam Festival


Saputara (Gujarat)

Just like any other hill station with lush green forests, undulating mountains, dazzling waterfalls, winding roads and plenty of stop points to spend your time with your loved ones. The station is a distance of four kilometres from the Maharashtra border. It is mainly famous for its tribal culture and various trekking opportunities.



So, we have seen the 20 best places to visit in August in India along with their brief description. We assure you that you will not regret going to any of these places to spend your holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday and choose the best destination from the list to have an unforgettable experience and revive yourself. Have a beautiful holiday!

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A versatile writer who thrives on exploring multiple niches in my writing. From thought-provoking articles to engaging fiction, I love to dive into various genres. When I'm not crafting my own words, I find solace in the pages of books, where I discover new worlds and expand my horizons. Writing and reading are my passions, and they fuel my creative journey.

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