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How to Increase Metabolism:18 Powerful Tips for Your Priceless Health

If you think there is any secret sauce to become physically fit, you are wrong. But certainly, there is a prime goal to achieve if you want to remain healthy and fit and that is to increase your metabolism as much as you can. In today’s time where the entire world is struck by the corona virus pandemic, it has become evidently important that each one of us grow our immunity so that we get past the disease. Some people are blessed with in-born metabolism, which speeds the process, leading to a fast-accomplished body fitness. 

General observation shows that men are more likely to boost up their metabolism in normal time. Women, on the other hand, are a bit slow to burn their calories. Also scientifically proved that after the age of 40, the ‘rate of metabolism’ curve begins to bend down, so people hurry up! Make the most of your youth to achieve the fitness goal. Now, how to increase metabolism encompasses a vast field of different mental and physical activities. Here are some methods you can look forward to:

Breakfast is your beginning

Many people tend to skip their breakfast in order to pace up with their busy schedule where you have to meet deadlines and challenges on an everyday basis. But if you really want to remain fit, do not step jump your very first meal of the day. If your last meal of the previous day and the first meal of the next have a huge interval in between it will only slow down your metabolism rate. Many studies have shown that people who eat healthy and wholesome breakfast are more likely to increase their metabolism than those who skip it. It is smart to begin your day with a 300-400 calorie of breakfast in order to maintain your metabolism rate.

Good carb is necessary

Go far with good carbs such as fruits and vegetables, which have natural carbohydrates in it. Especially in your meals, start taking high fibers so that they will initiate and increase your metabolism rate. These kinds of food ingredients function in a better way to have a lesser impact on our insulin.

Muscle building is essential

The biological configuration of the human body allows it to continuously burn calories even if you are not indulging in any physical activities. This is known as resting metabolic rate, which tends to be more in people who possess muscles. So, muscle building is one of the pivotal steps in the way of increasing metabolism. Each pound of muscle absorbs around 6 calories per day in order to retain itself, whereas every pound of fat burns only 2 calories on an everyday basis. After you strengthen your body, the muscles gets activated which leads to raising your average metabolic rate.

Step out from your house

Not everyone can build muscles and neither should they. But not to worry, everything has an alternative. If you can not build muscles, step out of your house and go to a place with plenty of oxygen. A perk and that’s too early in the morning is ideally suggested. This kind of activity not only increases your metabolism, but also helps to grow your immunity.

Water is invincible

Whether it is to look fresh and beautiful or boost up your metabolism, water is your best buddy! You can never take a step forward without water. Your body is in need of water to process calories. Even if you are an inch dehydrated, your metabolism rate cannot rise, rather it will slow down. One of the studies proves that adults who take eight or more glasses of water on each day are more plausible to burn more calories than those who take less. Some people take sweet beverages to remain hydrated, but that has fat in there which makes it less desirable. Before and after every meal, water intake is an advantage in every bit of increasing metabolism rate. Fruits which naturally contain water also work as hydrants.

Try to avoid alcohol

Well, when I say try to avoid alcohol it does not mean you have to sacrifice it completely. But be a little smart when you take it. Do not consume much alcohol before taking a full meal. This might have an adverse effect on our body. Generally, when we take alcohol it enhances our appetite and as a result, we tend to take at least 200 calories extra which is not good to cause an increased metabolism.

Natural sugar helps

Fruits carry an ample of importance in increasing metabolism. How do they help? Here it goes. Every seasonal fruit has its own quality. Especially summer fruits are rich in water as well as natural sugar, which helps us to remain hydrated. Hydration is a must when you try to increase your metabolism as mentioned earlier.

Energy drinks often come handy

How energy drinks help in speeding the metabolism rate depends on the presence of ingredients in the particular drink. Some of the health and energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a great stimulant for increasing metabolism in the human body. Some of them also contain taurine (an ingredient present in energy drinks) and amino acids. The former makes the metabolism process quicker and also helps in burning fat. But these healthy drinks come with their own side effects. These might cause in some cases, problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia etc. doctors generally do not recommend these drinks for kids and teenagers.

Spice can help

Spicy foods are full of natural chemicals which are likely to stimulate your metabolism to a great length. But remember when I say spicy food, I mean naturally spicy food. Like with every meal you can add some chopped green chili or black pepper. These spices induce our metabolic rate in our body. The effect might be short term, but if you take a natural spice often, it might do wonders. Most importantly, these spices can be added to any kind of dish. It both makes the dish tasty and healthy.

Be friends with protein

Protein intake should be top of your list if your ultimate goal is to increase metabolism. The human body burns many calories when it digests food full of protein than it does with foods with fat or carbohydrates. A balanced diet suggested by doctors, advises to replace carbs with protein rich food which will gear up metabolism rate. Various sources of proteins include fish, chicken, mutton, eggs, tofu, nuts, beans, and low -fat dairy products.

You need to drink coffee

The prime ingredient of coffee is caffeine, which helps in boosting metabolism, but maybe with a short term effect. Caffeine is also helpful in removing fatigue and enhancing your endurance while you work out.

Your choice of snack should be wise

Putting a lot of gaps in between your meals often leads to a decreased metabolic rate and even can gain fat in your body. Eating more often can lead to weight loss. When you take heavy meals with an interval of many hours, you tend to slow down your metabolism rate between each meal. Rather, if you take small meals or snacks or fruits every 3 to 5 hours keeps your metabolism steady, so naturally more calories get burnt over the course of a day. A number of studies prove that if you take small snacks, you tend to eat less at mealtime.

Boost yourself up with green tea

Well green tea or oolong tea is one of the best elements to fight with a decreased metabolism rate in the human body. This has a cumulative beneficial impact as it contains a good amount of both caffeine and catechins (an ingredient present in green tea). And as mentioned earlier, caffeine is a good stimulant for gearing up your metabolism. So, if you take ample of green tea sips, it will obviously work in your favor to increase metabolism. Studies show that catechins tend to show a similar sort of effect. Various research also projects that if you take 2-4 cups of green tea a day, it might shape your body to burn 17% more calories while you are doing intense exercise for a temporary time.

Crash diet is a strict no

Often people in order to lose weight in a smaller span of time, choose the path of a crash diet. A Crash diet is nothing but reducing your amounts of calories, which is scientifically required to maintain a balanced diet. This kind of diet often encourages to intake less than 1200 calories if you are a woman and less than 1800 calories in case of men. Let me say here that this method is never going to increase your metabolism, rather it might only help in reducing some pounds. Besides, it can bring out some negative results as you might lose your muscles which will lead to fewer metabolism rates. You can also put on weight faster than you thought you would.

High intensity work out can be helpful

High intensity workout can do miracles even before you realize it. This can help to quicken the intense bursts of activities. A very good way to increase your metabolism is to melt your fats from your body. And the high intensity workout is proper training to achieve the goal. It keeps on increasing your metabolic rate even after you have finished doing a work out. And this impact is believed to be larger in this particular technique of work out than other types of exercise. It too burns the extra fat caked to your body. One particular study shows that young men who are overweight could bring down fat mass of 4.4 pounds (2 kg) and stomach fat by 17%.

Do not sit for a long long time

Human beings are habitually idle and they want to keep sitting for most of the time. Today’s corporate world also mostly encourages people to sit in front of a desktop or laptop and do their job. Little do we realize that we are inviting serious health problems by doing this. Some of the health experts compare sitting for a long time with indulging in the bad habit of smoking. The primary reason behind this comparison is because sitting for a very long time leads to a reduced process of burning calories. I agree that in today’s busy and competitive world, it is difficult to take breaks from work, but it is always advisable to take short breaks in between. It will increase your metabolism rate and also reduce your eye strain. So, both ways, you will be beneficial.

A proper sleep is mandatory

Sleeping is the natural process to burn calories. Our metabolism rate is higher when we are having a good night’ s sleep. Lack of sleep enhances the probability of gaining a lot more weight, which in turn will initiate a decreased rate of metabolism. Besides this, if you are sleep deprived you are much more prone to incur several diseases such as increased sugar level in your blood, insulin resistance which might be a leading path for adapting a severe illness like diabetes. It is also proved that lack of sleep generates more hunger hormone ghrelin and brings down fullness hormone leptin. This is why people who are sleep deprived feel like eating more and more and cannot lose weight easily.

Coconut oil is your friend

Replacing cooking fats with coconut oil would come handy. Coconut oil is comparatively high in medium chain fats. These medium chain fats can elevate your rate of metabolism more than the long-chain fats, which are found in foods like butter. One of the studies proves that medium chain fats enhanced metabolic rate by 12% compared to long chain fats, which only gears it up by 4%. So, keeping this information in mind, it is advisable to replace our cooking fats with coconut oil.

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A voracious reader and enthusiastic writer, I have a knack for concocting a plethora of creative write-ups. I'm a trend-savvy researcher, always on the hunt for inspiration to create unique and captivating content. I fancy myself a genre chameleon, flitting from intellectually stimulating pieces to captivating works of fiction. Whenever not weaving my thoughts into words, I indulge in my love of painting, cooking, dancing and some good old Netflix binge!

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