Facial at Home:14 Expert Tips to Bring Natural Glow to Your Face

Everyday busy schedule, roadside dust, pollution can cause damage to our skin and our face being exposed the most becomes the worst affected. But no worries, I have some solutions to offer to this everyday problem. One needs to remember one thing: our skin will react the way we will treat it. We cannot lose our skin to external factors causing us damage or internal factors like stress or eating disorder or sleeplessness.

Not all of us can afford visiting salons and that every day too. But we cannot hide at home too. Your skin needs daily care and hydration and you can easily do that by following our simple homemade beauty tips to maintain its glow and good health. The best thing is that you can do facials at home by applying homemade face packs to glow your skin and get the desired outcome anytime anywhere. But you have to get it done in the right manner. 

Steps of Facial at Home

These are the steps for facials at home. Roll up your sleeves, ladies, here comes your journey to get flawless skin!

Clean up your face

It is of utmost importance to clean your face on a daily basis and at least twice a day. Now it has some certain processes to follow. Firstly, once you come back from outside you need to remember that there will be zillions of pollutants and other dust particles on your face and you need to get rid of them to save your skin texture. 

First and foremost, rinse your face with clean water. While doing that use a piece of cotton to wipe out the dust from the corner of your eyes or inside of your ears. It is absolutely essential to begin with a clean slate.

Next, take any oily cleanser, or you may put on simple coconut or olive oil, approximately half a spoon and smear our face with that. Leave it there for 2-3 minutes and rinse it fully. Then use a face wash and remove the oil residue. Finally, this will hold back the moisture in your face.

Exfoliating your skin is a must

The next step comes as scrubbing your face. This is as important as cleansing your face. Which scrubber you will use depends on your skin type. If you are gifted with an oily skin, then use a scrubber which will absorb the oils and make your skin smooth. And if you are having dry skin, go for something that will help to keep the natural oils on your face to make it glow. Take a pea sized scrubber in your palm, and rub it in your face in a circular motion which in turn will help to enhance blood circulation in your face. Also, this will help to remove dead cells from your skin and polish it.

Give your face a massage regularly

Massaging is an essential part in any kind of facial process. Even if it is a home facial tip, you absolutely need to massage your face after this cleansing and scrubbing processes are done. This keeps the muscles properly functioning and improves blood circulation. Massaging also relaxes our face and head. As a result, we can get free from mental stress and depression. Neck massage comes with face massage. Use your fingers for neck massage and move it to the upward motion till your chin. But remember do not put excessive pressure on either of your face or neck, keep it light.

Take a steam bath

After exfoliating and massaging, the next step is adhering to a steam bath. Taking a steam bath helps in moisturizing the skin and makes it more absorbent to the products. How? Because heat is most likely to clean the pores. Once the pores are clear, skin can absorb more products which in turn help to retain its hydration. Take the bowl half filled with water and leave it to boil for 2-3 minutes. Then take it back and start taking the steam. Cover your hair with a scarf or towel so that the heat accumulates and directly strikes your skin. Keep taking the heat for 5-10 minutes.

Mask your face

This is also an important step to give your face a proper facial. After you take the steam, you need to put on a face mask. Choose a face mask according to your skin type- dry or oily. Again, do not put a lot of it, only take an amount to uniformly blend the product on your face. Leave the product for 10-15 minutes so that it can absorb and extract all the impurities in order to keep the radiance of your skin.

You can also use face masks made at home. It would be more natural and pure. For dry skin, you can make a paste of banana and honey. Boil it for 30-40 seconds before applying on your face. Similarly, for oily skin prepare an amalgamation of oatmeal with avocado. Do not forget to cover your eyes with chilled cucumber, it would help you to relax. In this process also, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes is effective.

Give your skin a toner

Next comes the process of closing your pores. This process is called toning. As a result of applying a toner on your face, it will help in balancing the texture as well as hold on the glow on your face. This is absolutely an important step in order to grab the moisture as well. Take a piece of cotton and soak a required amount of toner of any brand you like. Then gently tap your face with the soaked cotton. Make sure it is uniformly blended. Leave it for 3-5 minutes and wait for the wonder!

Moisturize your skin everyday

This is a must step for facials at home. Your skin craves for moistures every single moment. You need to make sure that your skin is properly hydrated and that’s possible through the application of moisturizers. Now, you can buy any product as per your skin requirements and use it or you can use home made products. For moisturizing dry skin, you can mix curd and tomato and put it on your face. Similarly, for an oily skin use turmeric blend and wait for the magic!

Now let us talk about some natural resources which can help you to keep your skin blemish free and flawless. We all need to understand one thing, no matter how much we cleanse, exfoliate or moisture our skin, it all depends on our intake of food. Our regular food habit, if it meets a certain requirement, can bring wonder.

Drink a lot of water

Water is your friend; it is your philosopher and it is also your guide. Drinking water has no other alternative. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated with the proper amount of moisture. As a result, when you do facials at home, you get a much better result. You do not need to worry about the effect of the facial process, it will keep your glow as it is.

You should take seasonal fruit every day

Fruits are the best medicine to treat skin damage. For instance, if you have dry skin, summer is your season. Eat at least two fruits which contain natural water per day. Make your afternoon snacks as a fruit salad.

And if you have a not so dry skin, eat dry fruits such as cashew, nuts, almonds etc. This will bring vitality to your skin. You would look more lively and feel more energetic.

Now, I will talk about some unique steps of doing facials at home using 100 percent natural resources. This will do magic to your skin and you will glow even in depressed days of the year. Try these at home at a very less expense.

Cleansing with curd

Take 50 grams of white curd and blend it with one spoon of sweet honey. Always try and remember that it should be uniformly mixed and there must not be any single lump in the amalgamation. Gently apply it all over your face. If you want to avoid hands, you can take a piece of cotton and soak the mixture in cotton. Then follow the same process and cover your face with the mixture. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry a little bit so that your skin can absorb most of the moisture. Both curd and honey have the characteristic of hydrating our skin. So, it enriches the cleansing process and in return you get a smooth and radiant skin.

You can also use tomato with banana

As I mentioned earlier, fruits are the best medicine to treat your skin. In  the process of cleansing you can use a banana and tomato. Both are juice fruits and contain natural water. When you mix the two of them, the natural water content comes out and it becomes a semi liquid blend. Follow the same method as earlier and cover your face with the mix of it as uniformly as possible. Leave the mixture for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off after that.

For massaging, use coconut oil

Next as we know comes the massaging part. Now massaging is very essential because it improves our muscle movements and smoothens our blood circulation. Well, if you use a little bit of coconut oil while massaging your face and neck, the result is far better. Take half a tablespoon of plain coconut oil and rub it all over your palm. After you smear it over your palms, start massaging your face in the process mentioned earlier. This way coconut oil will make your skin softer and more hydrating. As a consequence, you will feel a glaze on your face.

Scrubbing can be made with turmeric

Turmeric is not just for making your skin fairer, but it is also to prevent bacterial infections. Turmeric has many more positive effects on our health. It is especially effective for facial at home processes because it is easily available and works as a great scrubber. Now it has a certain process to follow. If you only put the turmeric on your face, it may dry up your skin and you may get the opposite result. Also, do not go for turmeric rust. Buy some turmeric seed and paste it in a mixer grinder removing the uppermost shell. Then mix two tablespoons of mustard oil with the paste. Then following the same process, cover your face with the scrubber. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.

Moisturize your face with milk and butter

Moisturizing is the last part of your facial at home process. And nothing better than milk and butter for accomplishing this step. Take half a cup of milk and mix two one tablespoon of butter. This way the blend will become a little thick. In turn, it will give a much-desired effect of moisturizing your face.

You can also blend one tablespoon of ghee with milk. It brings out more or less the same result. At the end of the process, you are going to see the best version of your face skin.

Follow this method at least thrice a week to get the best output.

Final thought:

Well, if you want radiant skin, first and foremost, you have to stop taking stress. You should also intake healthy and less oily food. These home measures for facials come at a very less cost and likely to give you a natural treatment unlike parlors which generally use chemical and artificial products. Remember the face is the most exposed part of our body, so taking good care of it is absolutely mandatory and nothing more handy and healthy than easy steps of facials at home. Go for these and wait for the wonder!

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A voracious reader and enthusiastic writer, I have a knack for concocting a plethora of creative write-ups. I'm a trend-savvy researcher, always on the hunt for inspiration to create unique and captivating content. I fancy myself a genre chameleon, flitting from intellectually stimulating pieces to captivating works of fiction. Whenever not weaving my thoughts into words, I indulge in my love of painting, cooking, dancing and some good old Netflix binge!

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