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Top 10 Drinks in Winter for Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

Obesity, as well as loss of muscle mass, are common problems all over the world. While obesity is a result of our modern way of life and eating habits, loss of muscle mass is because of bizarre eating habits and poor diet. Consequently, low carb, keto, and juicing diets are popular among people who want to lose weight (Easy tips with full diet plan for losing weight). And many such measures are prevalent for people who want to gain weight. All these factors take a severe hit during winters because the body’s metabolism slows down.

This article will look at one measure you can use for both purposes. We will look at how to use Winter drinks for muscle gain and weight loss.

What is a Drinks diet/Juice diet

‘Juicing’ refers to drinking fruit or vegetable juice instead of eating a full meal. When it comes to this juice, you can have one, two or more ingredients to make it. Additionally, you can add flavor to the drink by infusing seasonings, honey, lemon juice, or spices. Juicing is a great healthy habit that promotes many positive health effects, including weight loss or gain.

Here, we will look at both winter drinks for muscle gain and weight loss:

Drinks in winter that help in weight loss

Have you taken note of this distinctive aspect of the winter season? You’re always hungry, you gain weight much quicker, and you have a hard time getting rid of those additional pounds. Experts believe that our bodies have a built-in system for changing seasons. Our body goes into a starvation phase during the winter months because of decreased energy and body temperature. In order to maintain heat and insulation during a period of deprivation, the body perceives a lack of nutrition. It’s because of this that you’re always hungry.

Cravings increase, calorie intake increases, and weight gain is a normal side effect. And if you’re a frequent eater of fatty and junk foods, your chances of gaining weight greatly increase. However, several winter fruits and veg are fruitful in weight loss. Not only winter fruits, if you are a vegetarian we have prepared a low budget diet plan for weight loss.

Here are some drinks in winter that could help facilitate weight loss:

Carrot Juice

Gajar Ka Halwa is one of our favorite foods throughout the winter months, and we can’t wait to get our hands on some. However, you’d be surprised to learn that the same vegetable that goes into your favorite winter juice also helps you to lose weight! 

Carrots also assist metabolism, improve weight management, contain silicon, which helps skin and nails, as well as enhance eye health. Because of their lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein content. Additionally, the fiber in carrots helps you feel fuller for longer, reducing your risk of overeating.

Carrot Juice - one of the best winter drink for weight loss

Ginger Water

Ginger is an essential ingredient in a wide variety of warming Ayurvedic kadhas that are often consumed throughout the winter. Additionally, drinking a glass of ginger-infused water can help protect you against the usual cold-related illnesses. 

The frequent use of ginger water has also been linked to a reduction in body fat. Gingerol, the main ingredient in ginger, is well-known for its digestive and metabolic-boosting properties. The early morning use of ginger helps to minimize water retention and improve digestion, particularly for individuals with Kapha and Vata constitutions.

Ginger Water - winter drink for weight loss

Beetroot Juice

You’ll be amazed at how much beetroot juice can help slim you down! Beetroot has roughly 43 calories, 10 grams of carbs and 0.2 grams of fat in a 100-gram serving. Furthermore, 100 grams of this potassium-rich vegetable include 325 grams of fiber. Potassium aids in the reduction of water weight caused by an excess of salt!

Beetroot juice is also popular for athletes and those with hypertension because of its many health benefits. Fill up on this fat-burning juice this winter to keep the pounds off.

Beetroot Juice - good choice in winter for weight loss

Amla Turmeric Juice 

This is another wonderful winter drink which also helps in weight loss. Additionally, it is a booster for the immune system and offers the body many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. Amla turmeric concoction will also aid acne problems and enhance skin texture. You have to Wash the contents properly and juice them with some water. Then you can strain and add some honey to sweeten it. 

Amla Turmeric Juice - lose your weight with this drink

Lemon-ginger juice

Lemon-ginger juice is another great, colorful supplement to a weight loss routine. You can combine 1 cup (30 gms approx) of raw spinach with a tiny chunk of peeled ginger and a dash of lemon or lime to make your juice.

Lemons, particularly, are a great way to perk up the taste of your juice while also packing it with more antioxidants. Ginger also aids in increasing metabolism, decreasing hunger, and reducing weight in both people and animals. Meanwhile, greens such as kale or baby spinach should be blended rather than juiced. This will increase the fiber content of your juice.

Lemon-ginger juice for weight loss in winter

How to consume winter drinks for weight loss?

The easiest way to get the most nutrients out of your juice is to drink it immediately. On the other hand, you can also refrigerate the juices for up to three days from the day they are made. Although, if you store them for an excessively long time, the juice can lose some of its nutritious content. Also, long-term exposure to air may cause oxidation, reducing the juice’s nutritious value.

Since the components of juices may react with metal, the safest and most effective method to keep juices is in a glass jar with a cover. When it comes to timing, early morning is ideal for consuming juices. You may drink it instead of coffee or tea before or after your workout.

Now that we have talked about drinks in winter for weight loss, let us see what drinks in winter can one take for muscle gain or weight gain.

Many people are underweight and have trouble putting on weight or muscle mass. However, eating meals rich in calories may help solve this problem.

The high-calorie drinks in winter discussed here have the potential to drastically alter the physique of someone who wants some muscle gain. Any of the greatest fruit juices for weight gain might work wonders when consumed in sufficient amounts.

What are the reasons you’re not gaining weight or muscle mass?

A person’s inability to maintain a positive energy balance is the primary cause of weight loss. Negative energy equilibrium inhibits weight retention.

So, what exactly is the balance of the negative energy? Your body is said to be in a negative energy equilibrium when it burns more calories than it takes in daily. For instance, suppose your everyday calorie input is 2500 but your calorie expenditure is 2700, then your total energy balance is negative

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Which factors contribute to a negative energy balance in the body?

Three main factors cause negative energy balance. Here they are:

  • Diseases and disorders of the body
  • Malnutrition
  • Excessive physical exertion

We now understand what a negative energy balance is, how it affects weight retention, and how to avoid it. We’ll next look at several winter drinks that might assist you to maintain your muscle mass and weight:

Drinks in winter that help in gaining muscle mass

Avocado Juice

The finest winter drink to increase weight is avocado juice. It’s not only calorie-dense; it’s nutrient-rich as well. Avocado juice supports healthy body weight growth owing to its vital nutrients and healthy lipids.

Additionally, avocados are a great option for sugar problem. Thus, avocado juice may help people with diabetes. A simple way to make this fruit juice is to blend 2 medium-sized avocados in a blender. Because avocado is among the most keto-friendly foods, this drink is also ideal for those who want to follow a low-carbohydrate diet.

Banana Juice

Bananas, like avocados, are abundant in calories, which makes them ideal for weight growth. In actuality, bananas have a few calories less than avocados. This drink is made from 2 medium-sized bananas. 

But you should avoid this winter drink if you are following a ketogenic diet. It’s because bananas have a lot of carbohydrates.

Apple Juice

Apple juice is a common weight gain supplement. They are also a good source of a variety of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients not only help you acquire weight but also in living a healthier lifestyle. Also, apples are high in potassium. This high potassium content has health advantages. Moreover, apples include a small number of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin C.

In order to make the apple juice, you will need to mash up one big apple and one teaspoon of garlic paste.

Apple Juice - winter drink for weight gain

Pear Juice

You can also gain weight by eating a lot of pears, which are abundant in calories. Besides being rich in calories, pear juice also includes a substantial amount of carbohydrates. This combo of high carbs and high-calorie foods encourages rapid weight gain. Pears also contain a modest amount of fiber, which helps to reduce gastrointestinal disorders, including gas, constipation, and bloating.

So drinking pear juice may help you build weight without digestive problems. In order to make pear juice, puree a big pear till it is completely smooth.

Pear Juice - gain your weight in winter

Grape Juice

Winter is when the best grapes are available. They are a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and provide several health advantages.

Furthermore, grapes are rich in calories and include a considerable quantity of carbohydrates. This winter drink is handy for rapid weight growth. You can blend one cup of whole grapes to make grape juice. And use natural black pepper to enhance the taste even more.

Grapes also rank well in terms of liver-friendly fruits. However, a keto follower should avoid this drink. Avocado juice is a better option for those on the keto diet.

Grape Juice gain your muscle in winter season

Final Thoughts

Winter drinks can potentially transform the lives of both slim and fat individuals. Some winter fruit drinks are high in calories, even if considered healthy. They may promote weight gain in anybody due to their high caloric intake. While several other winter drinks have the opposite effect, causing people to lose weight. That’s why choosing these drinks is a good idea based on your preferences and dietary demands. We hope the lists of winter drinks we’ve provided here for both categories will aid you in making a decision.

Consume these beverages regularly to observe the results for yourself. Let us know in the comments what you’re doing to avoid losing or gaining weight this winter.


This material, including the recommendations, is solely general. It does not take the place of professional medical advice in any manner. Always get further advice from a professional or your physician. The author disclaims all liability for this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drink is best for weight loss in winter?

There are many drinks which can help you in weight loss in winter. Some of them are carrot juice, beetroot juice, lemon-ginger green juice etc.

What drink burns belly fat overnight?

There is no such magic drink which will burn your belly fat overnight. However, many healthy drinks will help you shed your unwanted pounds when taken over a period of time. But you have to remember that only these drinks cannot do the magic trick. It would be best if you combine it with healthy eating habits, a regulated sleep cycle, and exercise.

Which morning drink is best for weight loss?

There are several morning drinks which will aid you in weight loss—for example, lemon-ginger drink, jeera water drink, cucumber water etc.

Can I lose weight without exercise?

Decreasing the number and calorie value of your meals may help you lose weight without needing any exercise. This simple action, together with eating carefully, drinking enough water, and healthy lifestyle habits, may help you lose weight.

How much water to drink in a day in winter?

Around 8 to 9 glasses of water on a winter day is fine.

Does drinking alcohol in winter help weight loss/gain?

Drinking alcohol has a significant influence on your hormone levels. This, in turn, affects your health, metabolism, weight gain or loss. Also, there are many studies which say alcohol results in some amount of weight gain.

How long should you wait between drinks?

One serving/day may be okay for drinks or juices. It is also very beneficial if you stick to early mornings.

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A voracious reader and enthusiastic writer, I have a knack for concocting a plethora of creative write-ups. I'm a trend-savvy researcher, always on the hunt for inspiration to create unique and captivating content. I fancy myself a genre chameleon, flitting from intellectually stimulating pieces to captivating works of fiction. Whenever not weaving my thoughts into words, I indulge in my love of painting, cooking, dancing and some good old Netflix binge!

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